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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

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General Specifications :

  • Optics - Single / Double beam Ebert type monochromator with 1200 lines/mm holographic grating 0 to 2nm SBW, 190-900nm Wavelength range, Focal Length 330nm with RLD 1.8nm/nm.
  • Lamp Supply - Four Hollow Cathode lamp Turret assembly with modulated four independent power supplies. Current range 0-30mA.
  • Background Correction - Built-in background corrector in the system using high intensity and highspeed Deuterium lamp.
  • Integration - All operating modes use integrated data. Integration time selectable from 0.5 to 99 sec.
  • Calibration - Automatic calibration using up to maximum 10 standards and recalibration with a single standard. Direct concentration readout using diferent modes (K-Factor, Linear regression and Quadratic reression)
  • Burner Assembly - titanium Burner of 100 mm Air-Acetylene and 50 mm N2O-Acetylene Flames. Corrosion resistant Nebulizer with Platinum-Iridium capillary, impact bead. Automatic ignition.
  • Safety Interlock - Safety manual interlock for C2H2-N2O & C2H2-AIR flame.
  • Senstivity - Greater than 0.8 absorbance for 5ug/ml (ppm) aqueous solution of copper standard with air-acetylene flame.
  • Computer - PC and Printer.
  • Dimensions - 100L x 45B x 43H cms. (AAS Unit) Weight 68 Kg (AAS Unit)
  • Electrical - 230V± 10% 50Hz Power Supply