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Rendering quality products and prompt services, we have ascertained strong association with our prestigious clients. Some of our clients are as mentioned below :

Client List

Name of Party Product
M/s Ajanta India Ltd., Morbi Toothpaste
M/s Siddhi Viayak Beverages, Metoda Drinking Water
M/s Vishnu Steel, Thane, Mumbai HSD Bars
M/s Rajlaxmi Developers, Mumbai -do-
M/s Gujarat Spices & Co-Op.Uion Ltd., Anjar 15 Kg. Sq.Tin for edible oil & ghee
M/s Gujarat Metal Industries, Jamnagar Flexible Rubber Tube for Gas
M/s Max Health & Foods Beverages, Shapar, Rajkot Packaged Drinking Water
M/s Sarita Drinking Water, Morbi -do-
M/s Siroya Engineering Works, Rajkot -do-
M/s Isha Beverages, Rajkot -do-
M/s Ishwarkrupa Beverages, Rajkot -do-
M/s Amee Beverages , Morbi -do-
M/s Sarita Drinking Water, Morbi -do-
M/s Akshar Beverages, Amreli -do-
M/s Shivam Beverages, Jamnagar -do-
M/s Leader PVC Inustries, Morbi PVC Pipe
M/s Shreeji Polymers, Wankaner HDPE Pipe
M/s Sungold Ceramics, Morbi Sanitarywares
M/s Sonet Ceramics, Morbi -do-
M/s Suprim Sanitarywares, Morbi -do-
M/s Sunsilk Sanitaryware P.Ltd., -do-
M/s Lalpar Potteries, Morbi -do-
M/s Ketan Pottery Works, Thangadh -do-
M/s Newlight Ceramics, Thangadh -do-
M/s Aarti Ceramic Industries, Thangadh -do-
M/s Choice Sanitarywares, Thangadh -do-
M/s Navarang Ceramics, Thangadh -do-
M/s Zalawad Ceramic, Thangadi -do-
M/s Rajdeep Ceramic Industries, Thangadh Sanitarywares
M/s Varia Tiles Works, Thangadh -do-
M/s New Anchor Ceramics, Thangadh -do-
M/s V.B.Naraniya & Co., Thangadh -do-
M/s Zever Jewellers, Morbi Gold Jewellery
M/s Soni Dwarkadas Virchand, Bhavnagar -do-
M/s Parekh Shantilal Nagardas, Bhavnagar -do-
M/s Gold Palace, Jamngar -do-
M/s Kaveri Jewellers, Keshod -do-
M/s Mototechnika, Surendranagar Coolant Pumps
M/s Raj Industries, Rajkot – 694 Electric Cables
M/s Addision Industries, Rajkot -do-
M/s Jigar Industries, Rajkot -do-
M/s Somnath Cables, Rajkot -do-
M/s Shree Uttam Industries, Rajkot Do-
M/s Sonara Sanitarywares P.Ltd., Morbi Sanitarywares
M/s Sunware Ceramics, Morbi -do-
M/s Dev Beverages, Anjar Drinking Water
M/s Navkar Beverages, Bhuj -do-
M/s Shree Narnarayandev Beverages,  
M/s Shanti Beverages, Gandhidham -do-
M/s R K Beverages, Surendranagar. -do-
M/s Sachdeva Steel Products, Sihor HSD Bar
M/s Real Drinks Pvt.Ltd., Goa Drinking Water
M/s Zarna Drinks Pvt.Ltd., Vasai -do-
M/s Navkar Beverages & Mineral, Hubli -do-
M/s Krishna Beverages, Banglore Packaged Drinking Water
M/s Sahajanand Beverages, Mandvi -do-
M/s Shiv Shakti Beverages, Botad -do-
M/s Krishna Enterprises, Parbhani (M.H.) -do-
M/s Parth Mineral Jamnagar, Guj -do-
M/s S P Industries, Ahmedabad , Guj -do-
M/s Nirav Enterprise, Kalol, Guj -do-
M/s Himjal, Mandal. Guj -do-
M/s Simco Foods & Beverages, Guj -do-
M/s Vishwamitry Beverages, Halol, Guj -do-
M/s Sanjay Healthcare, Manglore, Karnataka -do-
M/s L S Beverages, Ahmedabad, Guj  
M/s Samor Enterprise, Thara, Guj  
M/s Radhe Krishna Beverages, Raipur, M.P. -do-
M/s Hilleri Healthcare, Valsad Guj -do-
M/s Shreeji Healthcare, Santrampur Guj -do-
M/s Bhavna Industries, Nadiad, , Guj -do-
M/s Delux Beverages, Zalod, Guj -do-
M/s Devel Beverages, Baroda, Guj -do-
M/s Raj Enterprises, Baroda, Guj -do-
M/s Om Beverages, Ahmedabad, Guj -do-
M/s Shree Hari Beverages, Ahmedabad, Guj -do-
M/s Akash Beverages, Morbi, Guj -do-
M/s Sujlam Suflam Beverages, Amreli, Guj -do-
M/s Gangordi Dairy Products, Porbandar,Guj -do-
M/s Monarch Mineral Water, Banglore., Guj -do-
M/s Shree Ganga Industries, Bhavnagar, Guj -do-
M/s Dev Beverages, Annjar, Guj -do-
M/s Amidhara Beverages, Bhavnagar, , Guj. -do-
M/s Boss Beverages, Morbi, Guj. -do-
M/s Kohinoor Industries, Kadi., Guj. Packaged Drinking Water
M/s Patel Beverages, Dhrol, Guj. -do-
M/s Yash Beverages, Morbi, Guj. -do-
M/s Aqua Fresh Beverages, Bhavnagar, Guj. -do-
M/s M J Products, Jaunpur, Lucknow. -do-
M/s Rathod Industries, Sarwad, Rajasthan. -do-
M/s Yogi Healthcare, Ahmedabad, Guj. -do-
M/s Shivganga Beverages, Nanded, (M.H.) -do-
M/s Varun Industries, Ganganagar, Rajasthan. -do-
M/s B Pavan Water, Surat, Guj. -do-
M/s Damanganga Beverages, Vapi, Guj. -do-
M/s Varad Aqua Industries, Selu, Parbhani Maharashtra -do-
M/s Jain Healthcare, Bhokardan, Dist:Jalna (M.H.) -do-
M/s Nirmal Incorporation, Jamnagar, Guj. -do-
M/s V-well Beverages, Than, Guj. -do-
M/s Fresh Mineral Water, Morbi, Guj. -do-
M/s Neer Mineral Water, ,Bodad. Guj. -do-
M/s Chamunda Manufacturing, Palanpur, Guj. -do-
M/s Yoo Mineral, Vapi, Guj. Water
M/s Parvati Foods & Beverages, Guj. -do-
M/s Kinjal Beverages, Shapar, , Guj. -do-
M/s Shivam Beverages, Jamnagar, Guj. -do-
M/s Parivar Beverages, Morbi, Guj. -do-
M/s Konkan Foods & Beverages, MIDC, Ratnagiri, (M.H.) -do-
M/s Gajanan Cement Co, Morbi, Guj Cement
M/s Milton Industries, Morebi, Guj -do-
M/s Dhara Industries, Halvad, , Guj -do-
M/s Shaan Cement Pvt.Ltd., Rajkot, Guj -do-
M/s Polad Cement Pvt.Ltd., Rajkot, Guj -do-
M/s Shivaji Cement Co., Morbi, Guj. -do-
M/s Vibrbant Cement, Surat, Guj. Cement
M/s Silicon Cement Pvt.Ltd., Surat -do-
M/s Gatrad Cement Industries, Surat, Guj. -do-
M/s Shree Ram Cement Inds., Surat, Guj. -do-
M/s Avadh Cement Inds., Surat, Guj. -do-
M/s Jigar Industries, Gondal, Guj. Electric Cable
M/s Ultra Cables & Wires Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot, Guj. -do-
M/s. Krishna Enterprise, Jamkalyanpur Packaged Drinking Water
M/s. Maraj foods and beverages, Daltungi Do -
M/s. Kinjal Aqua beverages, Lakhabaval Do -
M/s. New patel drinking water, Soyal Do -
M/s. Patel Beverages, Dhrol. Do -
M/s. Maharaja Drinking Water, Jamnagar. Do -
M/s. Dwarkesh Beverages,Dwarka. Do -
M/s. Uma Mineral Water, Jamjodhpur Do -
M/s. Akash Beverages, Morbi. Do -
M/s. Aquafine Beverages, Bhavnagar Do -
M/s. Shiv Industries, Chotila. Do -
M/s. Shreeji Beverages, Rajkot. Do -
M/s. Sanket Beverages, Sahera Do -
M/s. Yash Enterprise, Mundra (Kutchh) Do -
M/s. Thaim Beverages, Mandvi (Kutchh) Do -
M/s. Jay umiya Beverages, Botad Do -
M/s. Akshar Beverages, Botad Do -
M/s. Shiv shakti beverages, Botad. Do -
M/s. Ultra Mineral Water, Surendranagar Do -
M/s. Shree siddhi vinayak beverages, Mumbai Do -
M/s. Dynamic Beverages, Mumbai. Do -
M/s. A.K. foods and beverages, Modasa Do -
M/s. United Beverages,Morbi Do -
M/s. Yash Beverages, Morbi Do -
M/s. Om sai beverages, Sihor Do -
M/s. Purely beverages, Palitana Do -
M/s. Tirupati Drinking Water Bhachau (Kutchh) Do -
M/s. Bharat Beverages, Gondal. Do -
M/s. Gujarat Beverages, Gondal. Do -
M/s. S.K. Beverages, Gondal. Do -
M/s. Kanchanshri Water bottling plant, Nimuch (M.P.) Do -
M/s. R.V. Aqua, Ahmedabad Do -
M/s. Ganesh Water Supply, Ahmedabad. Do -
M/s. Divyesh Industries, Ahmedabad. Do -
M/s. Shiv shakti beverages, Gandhinagar Do -
M/s. Indian food corporation, Ahmedabad Do -
M/s. Jaan food & beverages, Modasa. Do -
M/s. S.P.D. Enterprise, Ahmedabad Do -
M/s. Chamunda Beverages, Ahmedabad Do -
M/s. M. J. Products, Jaunpur (U.P) Do -
M/s. Sai dhara mineral water, Metoda Do -
M/s. Sharda Beverages, Chotila Do -
M/s. Darshan Beverages, Chotila. Do -
M/s. Bilshan Beverages, Rajkot. Do -
M/s. Somnath Plyboards Pvt. Ltd., Kutchh. -- Plyboard--
M/s. Rangoli Wood Pvt. Ltd. Kutchh. -- Plyboard--
M/s. Suntoch Laminate, Morbi. -- Laminate sheet--
M/s. Rebbeca Laminate, Morbi -- Laminate sheet--
M/s. Bell Laminate, Morbi. -- Laminate sheet--
M/s. Beladoor Laminate Pvt. Ltd. Morbi. -- Laminate sheet--
M/s. Rainbow laminate pvt. Ltd. Morbi. -- Laminate sheet--
M/s. Rangoli laminate pvt. Ltd. Morbi. -- Laminate sheet--
M/s. Rosewood Laminate, Morbi. -- Laminate sheet--
M/s. Samrpan Laminate, Morbi. -- Laminate sheet--
M/s. Shine Engineering, Metoda. Plastic flushing cistern and seat cover
M/s. Blue cabe industries, Morbi. Cable
M/s. Solo Ceramic, Morbi. Sanitaryware
M/s. Brook Trading, ETHIOPIA. Agriculture & Diesel engiene
M/s. Shekhar International, MOZAMBIQUE Many products