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Microprocessor Conductivity Meter

Microprocessor Conductivity Meter

Placed amongst the foremost suppliers, we are a far famed for the outstanding Microprocessor Conductivity Meter. We own a substantial warehouse to keep the stacked products safely until final dispatch. With the leading technologies and automated systems, we ensure that the fragile products are sternly packed and piled up systematically.


Standard Accessories :

  • Conductivity Cell
  • Instruction Manual
  • Temp Probe
  • Dust Cover
  • Cell Stand
  • Appearance & specification subjected to chnage due to continous development.

Technical Specifications

Function Cond. & Temp. TDS & temp., SAL & Temp
Display Graphic LCD
Power Supply 230 V ± 10% 50 Hz AC
Conductivity – TDS-SAL
Range Conductivity 0.00uS/cm to 1000 mS Auto ranging
TDS 0.00 ppm to 1000 ppt Auto ranging
SAL 0.0 ppt to 50 ppt Auto ranging
Resolution Conductivity 0.00uS on the lowest range
TDS 0.01 ppm
SAL 0.2 ppt
Accuracy 0.5% of range ± 1 digt
Measuring Cell Platinum DIP Type
Temp. Compensation 0 to 100 degree C Automatic with temp probe
Range -50.0 degree C to 200 degree C
Resolution 0.1 degree C
Accuracy ± 0.1% of range ± 1 digit
Sensors Pt 100 Probe
Data Entry By six soft touch keys with audible sound
Storage 1000 Samples
Real Time Display 24 hour mode with date
Interface USP port & parallel print
Print Format All data & date wise (Programmable)